The Hungarian Allergy Association is a new formation, only one year old.
For the time being it has 24 members: associations, scientific societies, and individuals. We also have asthma /respiratory nurses among our members. The aim of the Association is to enhance societal knowledge about allergies , to call attention to the problems and burden of allergy patients.

To achieve this rather ambitious goal we use social media and traditional means : our members have participated this year in more than fourty times in TV and radio discussions, and try to convince health care opinion leaders and political decision makers that allergy is not „only allergy” – what is, according to the position of the World Allergy Organisation the biggest problem of patients, care givers and allergy service providers as well.
Our aim is to be as visible and active as only possible. We have participated early this summer at the Day of the Earth where our boot had approximately 200 visitors during the day – to discuss not only their own problems but allergy as such on a larger scale . More than 40 out of these visitors underwent allergy testing as well , and 18 had allergy never diagnosed before.

Our next activity is the participation at the Budapest Water Summit Civil Society Forum in September where we want to call attention to some specific problems, like the increasing concentration of estrogens, endocrine disruptors and immunotoxic agents in our rivers.

Next we will participate in postgraduate medical educational programs for primary care physicians as we as many other professionals believe that the real and firm basis basis of optimal allergy care is their active participation .
We also plan to fight untrue advertising of ineffective interventions – those are sometimes really life- threatening.
Finally, our goal is also to participate much more in international activities – as we used to do it in earlier times.

Kristof Nekam,

Föld Napja - April 22, 2013