Patient Care Camps

The Patient care camps are organized by NGO's and are meant for benefiting patients from poor socioeconomic strata who would not be able to afford consultation with well known consultants in the field. The camp helps in creating an epidemiological data, provides updated information on diagnostics, therapeutics and preventive component of the disease to the patients. Additionally, free literature and medicines also distributed, the doctors have an active participation. Most of our camps still do not have patient to patient education.

Blood donation camp

The blood donation camp was coordinated by Celiac Society Rajasthan & Father of one of the patients coordinated the activity including the financial component.


The Patient representatives do take part in networking with the governmental agencies specially in the area of Asthma. We do not have patient as networking partner at academic institutions, however, institutions offer support to any patient driven activities which includes my institution ( SMS Medical College, Jaipur) & other non medical academic institutes.

Asthma Run

The asthma run was coordinated by Dr. Suman Kumar of Respiratory Diseases & Clinical Society, which had participation from 200 children of New India Smart School and this was in Punchkula, Haryana.